Save time and money with the

Road Drain TOP SLAB

Top slab

Product highlights

• Saves time and money by keeping silt and debris out of storm drains

• Allows water to exit efficiently from roads during heavy runoff

• Can be graded around or driven over by all types of construction equipment and vehicles

• Allows for vehicle traffic up to a 20,000 lb. axle weight (OSHA standard 1910.23 and 1926.502)

• Adjusts in seconds to filter water

• Consists of a durable steel plate, drain tube and silt sock

• Approved by several Departments of Transportation

• Fits 2’ x 3’ or 27” catch basins (custom sizes are also available)

• All types of filter media can be used to meet local specifications

• Custom name imprinting available

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curb & Gutter

Portable sediment containment system

interlocking silt fence

top slab

Prior to the Road Drain Top Slab, temporary sediment control was time-consuming. The Road Drain Top Slab is the only product you need from start to finish of the pre-curb/paving operations. Since 1999, contractors have chosen Wimco products for their ease and reusability. Contractors have been using the same device for more than six years, resulting in cost benefits that amount to multiple pay units per original purchased product.

Shown with optional

RD prefilter

(no fabric shown)

The Road Drain Top Slab allows you to recess the drain tube to its down position during work hours so construction traffic and grading can continue unimpeded.

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